If your not ready to sell, but want to see what your home is worth, we can help đŸĄđŸ’° So many people turn to Zillow or Redfin for a quick glimpse into what their home is worth, but that number is only as accurate as the data behind it. These sites don’t account for upgrades, improvements, property taxes, new construction locations, and so much more âš ī¸ The “estimate” you see online can be 20-30 % off higher OR lower âš ī¸ Shoot us a quick direct message or text with your address and we will email you a CMA (comparative market analysis) with true and accurate data that the market is supporting. We want you to be in the know when it comes to your home đŸ“§â„šī¸ #realestatemarket#homesforsale #sellingyourhome #beintheknow

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