Founders Village - Castle Rock 

Located in one of the richest counties in America. An affordable hidden gem just 35 minutes from Downtown Denver. A family friendly suburb that your whole family will love. Founders Village is said to be the affordable Parker. There is a median house price of $328,000, but still many options under $300K! The Meridian Group has over 25 years of experience in Castle Rock, we would love to help you and your family find a home. We are also lucky enough to call Escavera, another hidden gem of Castle Rock, home!

Barnum - Denver 

Name coming from the former landowner P.T. Barnum, founder of Barnum and Bailey Circus. Barnum is where he planned on building his dream winter home. With incredible views of the Mile High City and close proximity to downtown the neighborhood is becoming more and more desirable. With home prices in the mid 200's, now is a great time to find a home in this location! You have to move quickly though, only 3 homes are currently on the market. People know not to sell because of the positive change coming to the neighborhood.

Cole - Denver 

Considered to be, "The hottest up & coming neighborhood, you have never heard of". Thanks to the explosion of RiNo, the neighborhood of Cole has emerged. With high real estate prices of RiNo, Cole has become a sanctuary for young urban professionals looking to stay in the city without the extreme housing prices. With various eateries and breweries coming into the neighborhood families of all backgrounds are coming together to form a community. Homes are being snatched up quickly with median house prices at $350,000. 

Factors in Identifying Up & Coming Neighborhoods

1. In-Demand Architectural Styles

2. Restaurants, Breweries, Boutiques, and Other Trendy Businesses

3. Public Infrastructure Improvement and Investment

4. Continuous Improvement