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A beautiful front door can transform your entire home. Enhancing the curb appeal ofyour home does not have to be time consuming, expensive, or challenging. Simply adding a fresh coat of paint and enhancing features of the door that already exist will make a huge difference. Making sure there is contrast between to the door color and the color of the home is important. Now, more than ever, you see white as a popular exterior paint color. This allows for the greatest contrast against the front door and window frames. 

We like to remind our sellers, who want to update their home before putting it on the market, there is no need to change everything. Our best advice is focusing on key feature of the home and curb appeal. Fresh paint on the front door, mowed lawn, and less clutter are all easy fixes. Don't feel overwhelmed when putting your home on the market. We are here to help! 

With 2018 here, we are looking forward to what this year has in store for The Meridian Group! Thank you to all our family, friends, and clients for their support they have given us, we couldn't do this without you!!