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Intest Rates and Purchasing Power in Denver Metro

by Tammy Petit

Why wait? Rates will go up and your buying power will go down! Call us today and start seeing homes tomorrow! Get in on this market while you still can!

Purchasing a Home in Denver Metro Area? Rates

Mortgage News for Castle Rock and Denver Metro 12/5/2014

by Tammy Petit

Thank you to Pete Elsby- Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS # 222938 for this great information on Mortgages for our clients. 

Are you thinking about buying but not sure if you have the down payment required or closings costs? Good News! 

Pete has information about the 5% FHA GRANT program and he said "This is the best DPA (Down Payment Assistance) program I have ever been associated with" If you want to know more, call us 720-295-4177! 

Pete also has information on Energy rebate money available and is provided to our clients at closing. The Grant and Energy credit together will help our clients by a home with little or NO money out of their pockets. 

Call us at 720-295-4177 for more information. 

Grant Money For Home Buyers in Denver Colorado

Colorado Mortgage Grant Program!

by Tammy Petit

NHF Platinum 5% Grant Program. Colorado Down Payment Assistant Mortgage

5% & 3% Down Payment Assistance Grant for Home Buyers in Colorado. With NO Repayment and NO first time home buyer requirements. 

This great grant program to help home buyers with down payments and closing costs of up to 5% of the sales price of the home. 

The grant has some conditions:
You must live in the home as a primary residence
You do NOT have to be a first time home buyer
Denver Metro has a 2014 Income Limit of $88,200
Debt to Income Ration Can’t Exceed 45% of your gross income. 
Minimum Credit Score of 640

It’s a grant, not a loan so you do not have to pay it back!

Contact us for more information and to get qualified. HURRY!! This might not last long! 

Mortgage News For Castle Rock and Denver Metro For 10-3-2014

by Tammy Petit

Great information from Team Elsby regarding Mortgage Rates Today. Thinking about buying or selling? In-Box us! The turmoil in the mortgage market continues , although rates are at a two month low today. Please take advantage of our LOCK & SHOP program for our clients. They can lock in at these low rates TODAY while they are out looking for homes this weekend. For more information, In-box us!

Castle Rock Mortgage

What you will lose if you wait to purchase a home!

by Tammy Petit

WOW! Look how much is it going to cost you if you wait to purchase a home!

Start viewing homes for sale in the Denver Metro area now. 

FHA 203k Financing In Denver

by Tammy Petit

Are you thinking about buying a home? Want to find something that needs a little TLC but not sure you have the cash to fix it up? You might want to consider an FHA 203k loan. Our friend, Pete Elsby, can give you all the information you need on it. Feel free to call us or message us for more information on this great alternative.  

FHA Interest Rates

by Tammy Petit

Thank you John Hyer for sending us the chart on FHA Interest Rate Average for 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages It's a great time to buy!
FHA Interest Rate Average

Denver Real Estate Market News.

by Tammy Petit

Have you read the positive housing market news lately? From many accounts, the economy seems to be on the road to recovery. But the question remains: Is now a good time to buy a new home? There are positive aspects to every market. Here's how to take advantage of what's happening now:

1. Secure a mortgage before rates rise (even more)

Interest rates are on the rise, but that doesn't mean it's time to hold off. Rates are still much lower than in previous decades. Only five years ago, interest rates were at five or even six percent. If the current trend continues, you may end up wishing you acted sooner. After all, refinancing is always an option if rates drop, but if rates rise, there's nothing you can do to get a lower rate.

2. Leverage the seller's market

In many regions, experts are declaring a seller's market, meaning there is a high demand for homes and fewer homes on the market. In a seller's market, homeowners selling their homes have the advantage. There are usually more buyers willing to pay higher prices and bidding wars can be common.

If you're looking to sell your home, you may be in luck. Now may be the time to get a great price and sell quickly. But what if once you sell, you want to buy a home that better meets your needs? Consider buying a brand new home. With new construction, you can avoid the resale bidding wars and still personalize your new home your way.

3. Work the pricing curve

Rates aren't the only thing on the rise. The basic principles of supply and demand are driving home prices up in many areas across the U.S. Does that mean you should delay your home purchase? Absolutely not. The sooner you buy a home, the more likely you are to leverage the pricing trend to start building equity.


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