This property is almost too perfect to be real! You have probably seen the photo of the Nashville home floating around Pinterest, Instagram, and other blogs, but we have finally found some photos of the interior. Of course, the interior decor is just as amazing as the exterior of the home. 

Domaine Development has described this home as "traditional meets modern" and we couldn't agree more. The white brick that blankets that outside of the home feels inviting. White exterior paint has been continuously popping up around Colorado. It may seem like a risky move, but adding wood paneling helps tie it all together. The wood paneling gives it that extra sense of home when pulling up to the property.

Did you notice the large windows? These large windows are something to admire. Not only do they give the exterior of the home various focal points, but they allow the most natural light to fall into the home. We have a lot of clients that don't realize how much windows can do for a property. Adding just one window can change the whole dynamic of a room. 

Throughout the interior of the home they kept the light, bright, modern, yet tradition theme. The key is keep the majority of the walls light while adding texture. The dinning room features a textured wall. The darkness of this ONE wall can make a room feel cozy without feeling stuffy. Adding a textured wall in dinning rooms, master bedroom, and even powder rooms can take your home to the next level. 

Deciding on a pop of color is important for any room. This family room features blue accent pieces scattered throughout. Keep in mind when adding pops of color it is best to sick with pillows, blankets, flowers, and small chairs so that you can continuously change the room as the seasons change. Dark deep colors in the Winter and vibrant colors in the Summer.

Sadly, this home has sold, but admiring the pictures is good enough for us!